Hello, young friends,

You have to make an important lifestyle choice - about your perspective for education and future professional realisation. Your pragmatic orientation will prompt the best option for you, the one that will guarantee personal development, security and satisfaction.

We can help you in making this choice by offering you a realistic and modern vision for your future education, which we hope will coincide with your  intentions and expectations.

We present the Faculty of Business and Management  as a possibility for your future in the scope of modernity.
As part of the University of Ruse, the Faculty of Business and Management has existed for more than 15 years and occupies a forefront position in terms of the number of candidates for one vacant position. The degree programmes of the Faculty have been accredited with high grades by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency and occupy prestigious position in the rating system of the Ministry of Education Youth ad Science.

This resounding success the faculty of Business and Management has achieved due to the high professionalism of its lecturers, the established quality of the educational services offered and the constant concern for the intelligent, motivated and creative students of the Faculty. A priority of the Faculty of Business and Management is the relation between education and practice, realised through offering scholarships and organising internships in close cooperation with the Board of Trustees of the Faculty. The advanced, high-tech academic environment, as well as the attractive opportunities for continuing your education in master degree and PhD courses comprise another advantage of the Faculty.

We offer you to become a member of our successful team with the choice of perspective degree programme, corresponding to your individual interests and preferences.

Assoc. prof. Alexander Petkov, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management​