​​The Faculty of Business and Management (FBM) with the University of Ruse was founded in 1994 with  a Decree of the Academic Council of 18.01. It is the descendent of the Higher School for Business and Management, which had been functioning since 1989, preparing specialists in a new  professional field  perspective for Bulgaria.
In 1991/92 academic year the first 57 full-time students were admitted to the FBM in the degree programme "Industrial Management". In 1992/93 a new degree programme - Business and Management, was offered to students. In the following academic year, 1993/94, for the first time in Bulgaria, the Faculty admitted students in the degree programme "European Studies". In the next few years two new degree programmes have been added - "Marketing" (1995) and "International Business relations" (1997).
In 2009FBM celebrated its 15th anniversary as an established and authoritative unit in the structure of the University of Ruse, ranking second in the University in terms of the number of students admitted, and holding forefront position in terms of the number of applicants for one position in the Faculty degree programmes, as well as the prestigious seventh position in the Business Week magazine ranking of the top 15 education structures, providing business and management education in Bulgaria.