Bachelor programs 

European and Global Study (in English)

This multidisciplinary undergraduate program combines the knowledge, skills and competencies that are focused on external policies of the European Union and the global problems of the modern world. In the first year, after intensive training in English or German language students study: Geography and socio-cultural environment of the English-speaking world, Computer-based research skills. In subsequent years, the training is focused on International Relations and International Organizations; European Integration, Contemporary Globalization Process, Europe in the World; International Economics, International Trade; Management; Project Management; Intercultural Communication, International Negotiations, Chinese Language and Culture and more.​

Entry requirements:
1) Two grades from your high school diploma: in a foreign language, and in Bulgarian language;
2) The grade from your entry exam in English language.

Business Management  (in English) >> Video

Graduates acquire knowledge and skills to: develop strategies for business development, innovation policy, forecasts and plans; building and implementing effective governance structures and technologies; methods and techniques for making business decisions; organize, coordinate and motivate staff; control, analysis and regulation of the business; operating business software and management information systems. They acquire professional qualification "business manager" and can work as managers at all levels in departments or as specialists in marketing, supply chain management, stock exchanges, such as business references on companies, regardless of size and the subject of their work.


Master Programs

Master Courses in BRIE (Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center)

European Studies and Public Administration​ (in English)

Post-graduate four-semester full-time European Studies and Public Administration program for international students, starting 11th October 2010. 

The curriculum is designed according to the up-to-date requirements of the European higher education area - European Credit Transfer System, modularized courses, diploma supplement. The interdisciplinary content, its organization, didactic concept and assessment are tailored to fit the competences of the European Affairs Professional.

Additional Information about BRIE:, tel.  +359 82 82 56 67, Fax: +359 82 82 56 62, Е-mail:​​