Degree programmes in the Faculty of Business and Management (FBM)

FBM teaches and trains students for obtaining Bachelor and Master Degrees as well as PhD Degree. 

To those with a Bachelor degree from the Faculty, as well as to bachelors from other professional fields, the Faculty offers Master degree programmes from several professional fields: 3.3. Political sciences, 3.7. Administration and management, 3.8. Economics and 5.13. General engineering.

The Faculty organises and conducts training in the Master degree programmes in European Studies and Regional Development and European Public Administration in the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europa Centre (BRIE), which was founded in 2002 by the University of Ruse, the Academy of Economics – Bucharest and universities from Germany.
BRIE is a unique institution, which demonstrates positive results from cross-border cooperation in the field of education, carried out with the support of the German Rectors' Conference. Set up as a centre for teaching students from South Europe, today BRIE has the appearance of multinational and multicultural centre, providing prestigious high quality education in English and German for Master degrees, thus attracting the interest of  young people  not only from the Balkans, but also from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia and other countries within the Erasmus Mundus mobility frame.


Approximately 2000 full-time and part-time students from Bulgaria and about 80 international students study at FBM. On average 20 students from the Faculty study at European partner universities from Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Poland and others under the Socrates/Erasmus Programme. 
The quality of education and its compatibility with European standards and good practices is the main priority of the lecturing staff in the FBM. Furthermore, there have been serious achievements in research and project activities, which attract for participation students and PhD students. 

Alumni club FBM

Research fields

The main research fields in the Faculty are:

  • Organisation and management of production (management of innovation processes);
  • Applied economics and marketing; Entrepreneurship issues;
  • Social management (organizational and consumer behaviour; strategic management);
  • Social and political, legal and cultural aspects of European integration and trans-border cooperation ;
  • Applied communication, European languages and lingua cultural studies;
  • Methodological issues of economic theory.

In each of those fields there are PhD students, whose total number is over 30. PhD studies are a priority at FBM since each of the PhD students is considered a promising researcher with potential academic career at the Faculty.

Professional profile of FBM alumni and their realisation

The Faculty prepares professionals for organisations from the private, public and non-government sector, who can find realization as managers, marketing specialists, experts in international departments of Bulgarian or international companies, operating on the Bulgarian market, experts on European issues in the national and local administrations, etc.
The FBM graduates are highly valued professionals that are in constant demand. They possess not only the knowledge necessary for successful professional realization, but also the practical skills, which allow them adequate entry into the dynamic market environment, and provide them with flexibility and adaptability. The greater part of employers' calls that are submitted to the University of Ruse require FBM graduates, which shows that their professional profile meets to a great extent the demands of the labour market.
There are numerous examples of prestigious job positions of FBM alumni. They include positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, management positions in regional, and municipal administrations (deputy governors and mayors), general managers of large companies, researchers and lecturers at the University of Ruse and other universities in the country and abroad, PR specialists, experts on European projects, media professionals and many others.
FBM maintains "live contact" with the demands of the labour market and reacts promptly to the changes by updating curricula and syllabi. It has become a tradition of the Faculty to offer the end products of student diploma theses – company profiles, marketing or advertising strategies, business plans, etc. – to interested organisations, which take then into consideration with the purpose of improving aspects of their activities.​