The Razgrad Branch with the University of Ruse has a long-standing history. Established in 1986 as a Collegein Biotechnologies, integrated with the Higher Chemical and Technological Institute in Sofia, it has undergone several transformations:
  • In 1989, with Decree No. 52 of the Council of Ministers, it was renamed to Institute of Chemical Technologies and Biotechnologies (ICTB) integrated with the Higher Chemical and Technological Institute in Sofia). Decree No. 16 the Council of Ministers of 27.01.1997 transformed ICTB into a Technological College as part of the structure of "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse;
  • in April 2007 the project for transforming the Technological College - Razgrad into Razgrad Branch within the structure of the University of Ruse was granted a positive evaluation by the Accreditation Council of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA). Since 08.02.2008, with Decree No. 17 of the Council of Ministers, Technological College Razgrad was transformed into a Branch of the University of Ruse, offering training in degree programmes in the following professional fields: 5.10 Chemical technologies; 5.11 Biotechnologies; 5.12 Food technologies
In June 2007 self-evaluation reports on the three professional fields, complying with the criteria approved by NEAA were submitted to the Agency. At the end of July 2008, NEAA granted positive evaluation to the two fields of Biotechnologies and Food Technologies. In the period 20 – 22 May 2009 the Branch was visited by an expert group for evaluating the professional field of Chemical Technologies and as a result,  on 25.06.2009 the Technical Committee of NEAA granted a positive evaluation for this professional field too.
Razgrad Branch is the only higher school in North Bulgaria, which trains qualified, multi profile specialists for the needs of the biotechnological, food and chemical industries.
Improving the production systems and mastering natural sciences and technology are prerequisites for the inclusion of the Bulgarians  in the achievements of the world civilization. In today's 21st century the pace of scientific progress is much higher and the opportunities are much greater.
Razgrad Branch provides quality education and professional training to specialists, which guarantees their successful professional and social realisation, corresponding to the new demands of the market and the society.
The chemical, biotechnological and food industries have a significant share of the economy of Northeast Bulgaria. Some of the enterprises have a unique national significance. These branches are high tech and they need personnel capable of managing the production process and guaranteeing high quality of products.