1. International cooperation office (ICO) - general information

 Mission:  ICO carries out the relations and cooperation of the University with the external international environment through management of the international contacts and partnerships, as well as the international communication of the University.

 Basic principles: ICO conducts its activities in compliance with the most up-to-date programme documents of the EU in the field of education, science and research, based on openness, cooperation, dialogue and willingness for change in accordance with the requirements of the external environment. 


  • Continuous affirmation of the international image and prestige of the University of Ruse.
  • Maintaining and developing of existing international partnerships of the University.
  • Expanding the scope of inter-institutional international cooperation of the University.
  • Promoting the opportunities for further qualification and personal development of the academic staff through specializations, participation in seminars, etc., funded by international programmes (apart from the ones under Erasmus).
  • Expanding the scope of international initiatives of the University.

2. Bilateral and multilateral contracts and agreements​

"Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse has 45 effective bilateral agreements for cooperation with foreign universities and research institutes:
- 9 contracts with universities and institutes from Romania – Bucharest Academy of Economics, Polytechnical University - Timisoara, National Institute for Research and Development of Machinery and Installations Designed for Agriculture and Food Industry - Bucharest, Research organisation for Production of Automated Equipment and Systems - Bucharest, Technical University of Civil Engineering - Bucharest; University of Pitesti, Bucharest University, Тechnological University "Unitech", Giurgiu, Constanta Maritoime Academy.
- 7 contracts with universities from Russia - Moscow State University in Agrarian Engineering, Volgograd DState University in Services, Russian State Agrarian University, Izhevskii State Technical University, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Volgograd State Agricultural University, Volgograd State University.
- 3 agreements with universities in Turkey - Aegean University, Bornova, Izmir, Technical University of Istanbul, Kadir Has University, Istanbul.
- 4 agreements with universities in Ukraine - Donetsk National University, "Volodomir Hnatyuk" National Pedagogical University - Ternopil, Economic University in Chernivtsi and National Agrarian University in Lvjiv.
- 2 agreements with higher schools in Japan - Higher School of Agrarian Sciences and Higher School for Bioresourses and Bioenvironmental Sciences.
- 2 agreements with universities in Armenia - Erevan State University, Armenian State Agricultural University.
- 2 agreements with universities from Georgia - State University Telavi, Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University.
- 2 agreements with universities from Vietnam - Vietnam Institute for Agrarian Engineering and Post-harvest Technologies and Hanoi University of Agriculture
One agreement each  with universities in the USA, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, France, Estonia, Slovakia, Azerbaidjan, Bosnja and Hertsegovina, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.


3. Achievements and results gallery