The good quality of the knowledge taught to the students is aided by modern laboratory facilities and the cooperation with a number of companies, such as SIEMENS, JOHNSON CONTROLS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, MOELLER COMPANY, etc., which helped to set up a fully-equipped electrical laboratory and computer rooms for free access and teaching purposes. Undergraduate and PhD students are given unlimited INTERNET access and the respective online services.

Licensed software for the needs of teaching and research work are provided. Numerous WEB based applications were developed. Textbooks, and lecture notes were issued.

Students can opt for training at the VMware and CISCO and obtain an internationally recognized certificates.

Department of Electrical Power Engineering - Advanced equipment is delivered. A contract is signed and a training center for low voltage switchgear and protective equipment is created in cooperation with Schneider Electric Bulgaria Ltd. The company periodically renovates the lab with new and modern laboratory equipment.

The Teaching laboratories in the Department of Electronics are equipped with modern measurement devices. There are 2 self-access computer rooms for students, connected in a local network, which is a part of the University network.

The Department of Automatics and Mechatronics has established two Information and Training Centers in collaboration with EATON and ePLAN companies. They carry out training of the students and engineers and organize thematic seminars for students, teachers and users to discuss new trends and applications of modern computer and control systems.

The Department has 11 training and 3 research laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment. The training of students is conducted in these advanced state-of-the-art multifunctional and interdisciplinary teaching and research laboratories, equipped with the support of leading computer companies.


All the laboratories of the Department of Telecommunications are equipped with modern computers and measurement equipment. The specialized equipment in the labs is produced by the world leaders in telecommunications, including Cisco, VMware, Dell, HP, SuperMicro, Acer, Yokogawa, GWInstek, Agilent, Siemens.