Research Activity:

The academic staff of the department, PhD students and students work in the following main thematic areas:

  • Communication networks and systems;
  • Radio technical systems;
  • Embedded systems;
  • Digital signal processing and transmission.

Due to the dynamics of modern life, production systems are becoming extremely complex and despite the growing IT support, they need a new generation of professionals with competencies ranging from basic production processes to information technology. The mission of the Department of Telecommunications is to constantly adapt existing courses, introduce new courses and curricula to prepare graduates to meet the challenges of the modern business model.

The lecturers work on research projects and collaborate with contracting companies. The scientific production of members of the department is reported and published at home and abroad.

The department is a member of the International Federation of Automatic Control and the Union of Automation and Informatics. Some of the teachers are members of the IEEE, the European Association for Education in Electrical and Information Engineering as well as of the the Union of Scientists - Ruse. The department maintains close cooperation with leading companies in the field of telecommunications in Bulgaria: Cisco-Bulgaria, Siemens-Bulgaria, Vivacom, Mobiltel, Johnson Control, Prosoft, Terracom, Kontrax and others. Joint seminars and presentations of advanced telecommunication systems and technologies are periodically organized.

Accompanying activities:

CISCO Academy.

The department has a CISCO academy associated to it. Interested students are given the opportunity to take CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Security and CCNP training courses and after successfully passing the exam they can receive an internationally recognized certificate.

VMware Academy.

VMWare Academy operates at the department. VMware is a world leader in the area of network virtualization of resources and cloud infrastructures. The Department of Telecommunications offers training courses and the opportunity to obtain world-renowned certificates.

MikroTik Academy.

MikroTik's academic program is directed and implemented by educational institutions (universities, technical schools, colleges, etc.) that offer training in the field of modern computer networks and information technology. The aim of the academy is to provide high quality training and provide an opportunity to obtain both theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of computer networks built with products and solutions of MikroTik. The knowledge and skills acquired at the academy create a prerequisite for successful realization of the students in the field of modern telecommunication networks and systems. The training in the academy is carried out according to an approved curriculum in accordance with the requirements of Mikrotik. Everyone who successfully completes the course will have the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized certificate MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA), which will contribute to its professional realization.

International cooperation and European integration:

Lecturers from the department lead and actively participate in various international and national projects and programs such as the Research Fund, ERASMUS +, Tempus, Cross-border Cooperation, Operational Program "Human Resources Development" and others. The department has signed bilateral agreements under an institutional agreement within the ERASMUS + program with universities from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Norway, Great Britain, Romania, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan and others. Under these agreements, an annual short-term and long-term exchange of teachers and students takes place.