The main function of the Public Relations Directorate is to implement the open information policy of the University of Ruse, directed to the external environment and to the academic community of lecturers, students and administrative staff of the higher school.

The main responsibilities of the Directorate are to:

  • establish and develop active professional relationship with the mass media, working actively with the mass media channels for communication through news, press conferences and public events;
  • improve the public image of the University by sending authentic messages and organizing significant public events, which form in the general public’s mind the distinguishing identity of the University as an efficient educational and scientific institution, trustworthy and recognizable;
  • carry out daily monitoring, register and analyse the information about the University in the mass media;
  • update the news, as well as the representative information about the higher school on the University Internet and Intranet websites in Bulgarian and in English;
  • support an archive of news and public activities;
  • provide translation and interpretation services in support of protocol and public events, as well as of information and advertising representation of the institution;
  • inform the University community about new facts and events from the academic calendar
  • observe and carry out all protocol activities of the University, including photographic support of all events and keeping a photo archive;
  • support the recruitment activities of the University through targeted PR activities;
  • publish corporative promotional greetings on behalf of the University;