The number of international students, specialising students and PhD students in a higher school is one of the main criteria for evaluating the reputation of its teaching and research staff!

        The University of Ruse has traditions in teaching international students. During the 1970ies young people from 4 continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America studied at the University of Ruse. The most numerous groups were those from Vietnam, Cuba, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Greece, Cyprus.

        Historic dates:

    • 1979        Preparatory section fro Bulgarian language studies
    • 1980       Dean's office for international students
    • 1981       Faculty for international students
    • 2003       International Students Directorate

       Today around 500 students and PhD students from Albania, Vietnam, Greece, Iraq, Macedonia, Moldova, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine and others  study at the University of Ruse.