History of Silistra Branch of the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"

With a State decree № 756 of 18 December 1890 a Pedagogical School was established in Silistra and teachers with high school education were trained in it. In 1941 the Pedagogical School transformed into an Institute for Primary School Teachers, which existed until 1948. In 1971 with a Decree № 305 of 31 August, 1971, The State Council of the Republic of Bulgaria reopened in Silistra the Pedagogical Institute, one of three in the country, preparing primary school teachers for all subjects (5th- 8th grade). Almost 6000 teachers from North Bulgaria have studied there.

With a Decree № 15 of the Council of Ministers of 27 January, 1997, the Pedagogical Institute was transformed into a Pedagogical Faculty with the University of Ruse with the aim "to prepare teachers with a Bachelor's Degree in : 1. Bulgarian language and a Foreign language (Russian, French, English); 2. Mathematics and Physics; 3. Biology and Chemistry. 

With a Ministerial Decree № 41 of 16 February, 2001, the Pedagogical Faculty - Silistra was transformed into Silistra Branch with the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev". Within its structure are the Department of Philological Sciences (with the then Head, Prof. Ivan Nedev, PhD) and the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (with the then Head, Prof. Todorka Stefanova, PhD), service units: Student Administrative Office, Finance and Accounting Department, Library and Economic Activities Department. A subdivision of the Centre for Continuing education was established, offering various opportunities for qualification and re-qualification.

In 2008 Silistra Branch united with the formeг Technical College, Silistra, thus increasing the number of degree programmes and professional fields in which training is offered. 

Since its founding to present day, Silistra Branch has had the following Directors: Velik Dimitrov (1971-1979), Zdravko Bogdanov (1979-1981), Prof. Vangel Kukov, PhD (1981-1992), Assoc. Prof. Iliyana Goranova, PhD (1992-2008), Assoc. Prof. Dimo Dimov, PhD (2008-2012), Prof. Zlatozhivka Zdravkova, PhD (2012-to present).