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Silistra Branch "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse

Silistra Branch is the fruit of century old traditions in education and culture. It is an accredited structure of the University of Ruse, which is called to disseminate knowledge, conduct fundamental research and implement innovations in practice, which will result in highly qualifies specialists and sustainable development of the region and of the country. The degree programmes cover the universe of higher education, consisting of humanitarian, natural and technical sciences.
In 2008 Silistra Branch was granted a very good grade on the professional field "Pedagogy of the education in..."for Bachelor degree programmes by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.
There are two departments, Centre for Continuing Education and "St, Dazii Dorostolski" Research Centre  in the structure of the Branch.
The Branch has a rich library with over 50 000 volumes of study and specialised technical literature. There is free Internet access in it as well.

There are 4 study buildings, 21 specialised laboratories, 4 computer rooms, gym and student  hall of residence on the campus.

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