​​​​The Research & Development Centre (R&DC) at University of Ruse Angel Kanchev was founded in 1965. Its main objective is to organise and support administratively and financially the research, development and implementation activities of the University.

The R&D Centre has been delegated rights for establishing business contacts with state and private organisations and companies on behalf of the University.  

The whole work of the R&DC is based on self-financing and self-support under full financial and personnel independence.

At present R&DC is the main unit for business contacts of the University with state and private organizations and firms. Within the framework of R&DC, groups of highly qualified lecturers, doctoral students, students and technicians perform, on a contractual basis, fundamental scientific research, as well as development, implementation and consulting activities. The concrete results from the work of these scientific teams have found application in almost all of Bulgaria, and also in a number of other countries like Byelorussia, Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and others.

Along with the creation of new scientific knowledge and products, the main task of R&DC is to contribute to increasing the scientific potential of the University staff, to modernizing and updating the material and technical resources and the training process as a whole.

The R&DC provides consultations, design and technological developments and services with modern methods and means, guaranteeing high quality, reliable performance, state-of-the-art design, complying with the eco parameters of the European standards.



The following centres are included in the structure of the R&DC:
  • Centre for Protection of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer;
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship Promotion;
  • University Publishing Centre.