The Quality of Education Directorate is a unit of "Angel Kanchev"University of Ruse, which organises and administers:
  • the work on university and academic standards and the functioning and development of the intrauniversity Quality of Education and Academic Staff system;
  • the accreditation procedures of the university, its units, professional fields and degree programmes.
The intrauniversity Quality of Education and Academic Staff system aims to achieve such quality of education in the professional fields of the University that corresponds to the national and European requirement for higher education.
Various organisational resources are used for achieving this aim. The most significant of them are:
  • specialised bodies for evaluation and quality control have been set up at the three hierarchical levels (university, faculty/branch, department);
  • the study process is organised in a way, which: sets requirements to the study documentation and the order of its approval, corresponding to the aim for quality of the study process; stimulates the students to study in a systemic and continuous mode during the semester; provides obligatory participation of students in the evaluation of quality of education;
  • conditions for qualitative development of the University academic staff, as well as for stimulating the quality of research and innovations have been created.
    The governing body of the Intrauniversity Quality of Education and Academic Staff system is the University Committee on quality of education - a standing committee with the Academic Council.