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Education Sector "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse

Education Sector (ES) is a unit that plans, organizes and controls the academic work at the University of Ruse.

The activity of the sector is focused on two main areas:

  • Information and administrative support of the learning process;
  • Planning, reporting and controlling of learning process.

Information and administrative services includes: coordination of information exchange, concerning student's training; responsibility for administrative services (updating the student status in the University information system E-Student), for updated information about all mandatory acts and documents, refer to information and administrative services of students; coordination of front office in the university.

Planning, reporting, and controlling of the education activities includes: preparing for the schedule, curriculum, control, and reporting of the student's activities of students, professors and administrative staff on a job assignment.

ES works in direct interaction with:

  • Direction Quality of education and accreditation;
  • Academic Staff Development Division;
  • International Cooperation Directorate;
  • Instruction for international students;
  • Distance Learning Center;
  • Information and Computer Services Center;
  • Center Continuing training,

as with all other units in the University of Ruse, which is related to the training of students, doctoral students and other specialists.

Independent of the best traditions in the work of the ES, it is and will be open to the introduction of innovative educational technologies and good practice, which should lead to quality improvement in teaching process at the University of Ruse.

ES activity is being monitored by  Vice Rector for Academic Affairs.

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