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Albanian University is pleased to invite authors to submit their works for the International Conference "PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES TO THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOCIETY TOWARDS STANDARDS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION", planned to be held on December 14, 2018

The main purpose of the conference is to provide an academic and professional approach and to encourage professionals and businessmen to discuss on the most important current developments with a focus on economics and justice, on the problems and challenges of the transformation of Balkan societies towards EU standards. Involvement in the European Union integration process is the main objective for the Western Balkans, including Albania, on the road to EU membership. Today, we put emphasis on the importance of experiences in the discussion, asserting models and proposals with regard to sustainable development and improving the quality of life through the integration processes of Balkan countries in EU.

The conference has a double extension, in studies in the fields of justice and economy by promoting cooperation in multidisciplinary works.

Based on these data, the conference will focus on the following key issues:

Issues in Economics:

. Problems and Challenges.

. Transformation of Society.

. The European Union standards.

• Albania and the process of sustainable development

• Organization of business and innovation

• The influence of the EU in the Western Balkans countries on sustainable development and improving the quality of life

• Corporate governance, performance, enterprises and organizational models

• Models of economic growth and the challenges that countries are facing during development

• Development of local and regional enterprises

• Integration and fiscal harmonization

• Foreign direct investment

• Human resources management and enterprises

• financing schemes and pension insurance as part of improving the quality of life

• Public sector Policy

• Remittances and their impact on Albania

• The performance of SMEs and their importance in the integration process

Issues in Social Sciences:

• The social and economic rights in the constitutional documents

• Employment and labor law

• Social integration and EU citizenship

• Pensions and pension funding reform

• State aid

• The personal law of the EU

• The area of common European law

• EU Administrative Law

• Harmonization of fiscal and tax law

• Independent Authorities in Albania and the EU

• Intellectual property rights

• Public - Private Partnership

• Energy strategy towards the EU

• Criminal Code on the protection of natural resources

• Property rights, management of land and water resources


• Report to the international visual art

• Development of art, architecture and urban planning in Albania

• Architectural heritage and restoration problems in Albania

• Environmental rehabilitation of contaminated sites

• The use of innovative materials Architecture

• Sustainability in Architecture

• Revaluation of residential and industrial buildings of the period of Socialism

• Administration, management and land market

Issues in Engineering:

Contributions of engineering in the fields:

I) Information technology: a-communication optical fiber

B-communications with wireless (5G)


D-quarters optical integrated

II) Automation:

A-smart home

B-smart city

III) Informatization

A -Big date

B-cloud computing

C-cyber security


The conference will be held in plenary sessions and special panels. Each speaker (except the main speakers) has 15-20 minutes available to present their issues and conclusions. After the presentation of papers each session will have a moderator, who speaks and leads discussion on paper. Participants (authors) must submit their own works during panel sessions.


The abstract should have no more than 300 words and indicate clearly the purpose, methodology and conclusions of the paper. Authors can show the matter of the conference in which they are working and to give 4-5 keywords.

Please give the name, title or rank, full address, and the issue of conference affiliation. Abstracts should be sent by e- mail to Anegla Guri ( aneglaguri@yahoo.com ) before October 31, 2018. The conference languages are English and Albanian.

Application instructions will be sent to authors after the abstract acceptance notification (before 31 October 2018).



•October 31, 2018 Deadline for submission of abstracts

•November 15, 2018 Notification of acceptance of abstracts

• December 6, 2018 Deadline for submission of works

• December 8 , 2018 Notification of acceptance works


Conference participation fee is 40 EURO and paper (LEK 4000) for first AUTHOR (for second author, the fee is 20 EUR). The fee includes participation certificate, a copy of conference materials (printed), and coffee breaks.


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