• Bachelor's  Education and Qualification Degree in major Social Activities
  • Master's Education and Qualification Degree in major Clinical Social Work; 

                Students are trained based on new curricula in compliance with governmental requirements, national and European educational achievements and the current needs of professional practice.
                The used equipment, information assurance of subjects and teaching staff establish conditions for high-level modern educational process.
                  Social workers are highly skilled, analytical and applied professionals performing a system of activities in assistance of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families, groups and communities in order to help their socialization and integration. They are actively involved not only in the protection of their customers' rights, showing respect for their best interests and improving their quality of life, but also in the formation of a more humane and socially responsible society. With the increasing number of integrated social services including a clinical component, social workers tend to interact with health care professionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, educators etc. in multidisciplinary teams.
                 Social activities professional field has been accredited with the following majors: Social activities for Bachelor's educational and qualification degree (full-time and extra-mural course of study) and Clinical social work for Master's educational and qualification degree (full-time and extra-mural course of study).
                  The curriculum for Bachelor and Master Degree Programmes includes compulsory and optional subjects and enhanced practical training throughout the entire course of study in institutions with good practices. It provides an opportunity to learn a system of integrated knowledge, skills and values in key educational fields - Sociology and Social Policy Fundamentals and Methods of Social Work, Psychology, Human Medico-biological Development, Legal Sciences, Economics, and Social Activities Organization and Management, Informatics and Information Science, Foreign Language. A special theoretical and practical focus is put on the clinical component consisting of psychosocial and medico-social field. This allows training of qualified specialists and enabling them to practice effective and quality professional activity in certain work fields and engage in multidisciplinary helping activity.
                 Social workers have their professional career in municipal and regional structures of the Agency for Social Assistance, specialized municipal and regional administrations, within the State Agency for Child Protection, social services rendered within the community and by specialized institutions, hospitals for active treatment, mental health centres, centres  for people with alcohol and drug problems, prevention information centres, imprisonment facilities, probation services, employment agencies, non-governmental organizations, carrying out social activities etc.

                Graduating students, majoring in Social Activities Bachelor Degree Programme are entitled to continue their education in graduate programs and specializations within the respective professional and higher education fields. Graduating students, majoring in Clinical Social Work Master Degree Programme are entitled to apply to doctoral programs in the respective professional and higher education fields.